Who Are We

heather hoffman

Hailing from the faraway lands of Hershey, PA, Heather had decided rather than taking good ol’ mom’s advice and graduating going straight to the traditional village vocation of a chocolate factory oompa loompa, she had decided to reach for the stars. While working part time at UPS she had attended full time at HACC for an accounting degree, yet there still laid an unquenchable burning desire. Without hesitation switching from accounting to business management feeling that this was a step in the right directions for her, but still, she wasn’t quite satisfied.

With the support of her dearest friend and mentor, her grandmother Susie, Heather applied to Bradley Academy in hopes of becoming an interior designer. By golly she got in, and after two grueling years of constant classes, projects, work and limited social interaction, in a true overachiever fashion graduating at the tippy top of her class in 2004. She was an interior designer.

Fleeing Central PA in search of new employment endeavors promptly after graduation. Since her escape, she’s lived and worked in Baltimore, Maryland, Southern Florida, Ithaca, New York, Austin, Texas then full circle back to Central PA.

Although interior design was her desired field, times were tough, so she took her first professional position as a landscape drafter in Baltimore. She soon found out that her interior design degree went much farther than interior design. Over the years Heather picked up and learned a variety of skills. Heather is proficient in interior, landscape, graphic and website design, social media marketing and architectural and landscape drafting.

However, her brute honesty and unwillingness to be a “yes man” got her on the unemployment line. What a blessing that was. Sick of other people taking credit for her work was so aggravating that she spawned HeadAche Designs. A tribute to the headache she’s endured to get where she’s at, and a promise that she’ll take the headache so you don’t have to.

Honey was hatched in late November in 2011 to a pair of Rex breeders somewhere near Hillbilly, PA. Heavens knows why the breeders took Honey to a rabbit show, being that Honey couldn’t be shown competitively but that’s no matter now. As luck would have it, Heather the rabbitophile that she is just happened to be patronizing that very same rabbit show.

From the start, Heather was smitten with the little rat. As soon as she saw her she had to hold her, and as soon as she held her she wanted her. Honey’s future would have been sealed, due to her abnormal color pattern, as a delicious dinner and a fuzzy slipper had Heather not crossed paths with the beast.

Honey enjoys competitive cushion gnawing, dried mango, and is a bit of a banana junkie. Honey has played an integral role in HeadAche Designs since the beginning. Starting off as a lowly self proclaimed mascot, Honey begrudgingly worked her way through the trenches, working up to the coveted title as Executive Rabbitch.

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We take the headache, so you don't have to.

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