Responsive Web Design UX Best Practices

Responsive Web 2016

A lot of people think responsive web design is just about squeezing and stretching. It is much more than that – It’s about delivering one website numerous ways depending on screen size, platform and orientation.

RWDYour website does not need the intricate design and performance of a desktop site on a mobile device. Mobile users may not need some of the content and functionality of desktop when viewing your site on their smaller screens. They express different behaviors and needs than your desktop users. For example, many mobile users do not appreciate navigating numerous pages just to find your phone number or address. They will quickly exit your site for a competitor’s more responsive and user friendly website. We’re talking smooth CSS, media queries, flexible grids & layouts and intuition as essential ingredients to creating a state-of-the-art RWD that your users would enjoy.

Here are some RWD best practices to help…

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